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Butox is extremely toxic to pets and humans as well. Kills if anyone drinks the liquid. Causes sickness if the fumes are inhaled for more than few minutes.

It's meant for spraying inside closed rooms at dilution level indicated on the bottle, some 1 to 3 ml per litre of water as per the purpose intended.

It's sprayed onto the bodies of cattle in an open yard by keeping their heads immbolized against licking the body. That way all flea and ticks get killed on contact and the smell remains in the skin for a week to act as deterrent. But the liquid must be washed off after 2 hrs when you can release the head of the cow.

Can never be sprayed on the bodies of cats and dogs. Too toxic for them to lick and inhale.

The method of safe application for fumigation of rooms that are infested with ticks, fleas, flies and bed bugs:

1) Use a handheld pressure sprayer bottle to fill the Butox Solution according to the required dilution as mentioned in the instructions.

2) Wear clothes that cover your entire body without any being exposed. Wear glasses on your eyes, your usual power glasses or plain glass if you have normal vision. After that wrap your entire head with a moist towel, leaving only the glasses exposed. Ideally you should use a respirator mask, but this improvisation works.

3) Get all humans and pets out of the room for 2 hrs and shut all doors and windows.

4) Use the pressurized sprayer to very quickly spray all mattresses on beds, under the mattresses, under the beds, cushions on chairs, sofas, all joints of walls and floors, all joints of walls and ceiling, all cracks in floor or walls, all cracks between door/ window frames and walls. Reach up to the ceiling by standing on any available furniture and let the spray touch the ceiling surfaces to cover in patches to at least 25% of the total area.

5) Finish the excercise in few minutes. Do as little breathing as possible during the work. That is, take a deep breath outside the room and hold your breath inside the room. Go out again to breath if you need to. But do not inhale the fumes for more than few seconds at any time.

6) Leave the room when finished and keep the door shut for 2 hrs.

7) After the fumigation period of over, open all windows, switch on as many fans you have in the room to expel all fumes through next 30 min.

8) Only after that pets or humans can be allowed to enter the room.

This way, the room will be free of all pests for at least 6 months if your pets don't bring in more parasites from outside. The ways to prevent that are by using various methods of parasite control on the pet's bodies.