Presently, only domestic deliveries are possible.

Free delivery offers are for given minimum billing amounts as per offers published from time to time and visible in the billing page.

Delivery Notes:

  1. No Courier deliveries for any refrigerated medicines--such as vaccines or some other very low MRP pharmaceutical items. All such item names are noted with 'LOCAL SALE ONLY'.
  2. No courier deliveries for relatively low MRP food items such as Purepet, Drools and Apro brands of any other bulky or heavy products such as cat litter sand.
  3. Delivery Charge as you see against your order is fixed amount averaged for all zones of the country.
  4. If you have anything to discuss about the delivery charge quoted automatically, please feel free to order in the 'PAY on Pickup' Mode and then whatsapp us from the websites and quote your order ID along with your query.
  5. Delivery Modes: The most feasible mode of freight is selected by us with the customer's priority in mind and as per the goods ordered.

COD Policy:

This is offered only on request, subject to the following policy:

1.   COD courier charge is ₹30 to 70 higher than prepaid and is not budgeted by us in published prices. Therefore, actual courier charge will be billed regardless of fixed delivery charge or free delivery offered in billing.

2.   Customer is required to pay 10% of the total bill including COD Courier Charge or minimum Rs. 100 (Whichever is higher) as advance through online method to our account that's notified through WhatsApp after billing.

3.   When you pay that advance, we book your article as COD for the rest of the billed amount.

4.   No COD offered for product value amounts totalling to less than ₹1,000 or if it's local delivery by our vehicle.

5.   Important to remember that no COD parcel is given to the customer before payment is made to the courier. So, you don't get to see your order inside the package until you pay. It may be better to trust the shop after checking out our customer reviews at and make prepayment to avoid COD Courier charges. Latest review at

6.   Furthermore, this is an animal welfare shop belonging to a retired engineer, who is also the founder of a very large NGO hospital for animals. To know our credentials and why we sell cheap, why we started this shop, you may look at

7.   Do not order to any online shop unless you trust. To trust us and to take advantage of our low prices, you must get to know all published details of the shop.

If you agree to the conditions above, then please send us your pincode by whatsapp for recalculation of courier charge. We do have it in your order, but it will take long to scroll through and find your order.

Free Deliveries: Only if declared at the website through the ordering page if there is any such ongoing scheme.

Local Deliveries up to 60 km radius of shop by RKD vehicle/ bike within 4 days of payment: Applicable for all items as per delivery charge quoted in online bill EXCEPT for refrigerated medicines and Cat Litter Sand, within Kolkata and surrounding districts.

Local Deliveries of above-mentioned EXCEPTIONAL items up to 45 km driving distance from shop by RKD bike within 4 days, up to 40 kg weight and minimum order value of Rs. 3,000:

  • Charged at Rs. 5 per actual km up and down, to be billed before despatch.
  • Any delivery charge already billed online and paid at the website shall be considered as down payment and be subtracted from the final delivery charge.

Courier Delivery: Scheduled transit time from the date of pickup by ShipRocket courier partners.

  • All India: 4 to 6 days
  • Remote Areas: 7 to 10 days
  • Within West Bengal or neighbouring adjoining States: 3 to 4 days
  • Within Kolkata PIN Codes: 1 to 2 days
  • In some cases, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances faced by courier or due to transport restriction during festivals or calamities. Such delays are beyond the control, of the shop, but we do follow-up and urge the courier to deliver without further delay.

Charge for urgent delivery by bike on same day (If demanded through Additional Instruction during ordering):

  • Possible only up to maximum of 30 km (One way) from the shop.
  • Up to maximum weight of 40 kg.
  • Charged at Rs. 10 per actual km up and down, to be billed before despatch.
  • Any delivery charge already billed and paid at the website shall be considered as down payment and be subtracted from the final delivery charge.